Children's Books

Young Boy Readers

  • A Fortunate Find is exactly what this book is! Written by Rivkah Small, this is an adorable, mystery chapter book. It starts off continuing from (I'm assuming) the previous Double Trouble mystery book, but it is easy to follow along. Read More>

Young Girl Readers

  • Sara Miriam Gross has done a fantastic job in Lemonade Girls Forever! This is a sweet book of short stories about four girls who find a positive side to every event, no matter how sour it may seem. Read More>

  • Bina Lobell's Super Secret Diary is a simple, but intelligent chapter book for your daughter. Its pages will take you through a couple of months of Bina's complex life in dealing with being homeschooled, sibling rivalry, class politics and trouble with other friends/neighbors. Read More>

Picture Books

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