• Rebels in the Holy Land is an extremely well researched collaboration explaining the history of the Mazkeret Batya yishuv. It goes through details of what these people went through so that they could live in the Holy Land. Read More >

Memoirs & Biographies

  • As Long As I Live was translated from the Hebrew book, Es'haleich. It is an incredibly inspirational story told by the man himself. R' Aharon Margalit was physically sick as a kid, but that did not stun his emotional, mental and spiritual growth at all. Read More >
  • B"H there are a lot of books of Gedolim or great people, but most of them aren't written by the person's mother and student. Rav Nosson Tzvi was written by Sara Finkel and R' Yehuda Heimowitz. When a mother writes something, you know that it is true.  Read More >
  • Noa's Strength is a beautiful story written by Noa's husband, Boruch Sirisky. He brings the readers on Noa's journey through good time and hard times. The book is designed to show the struggle and bring out the inspiration. Read More >
  • All for the Boss is my ultimate favorite book. There is something timeless about how Ruchama Shain, of blessed memory, describes her upbringing. It is great to read cover-to-cover, or for flipping through and reading an inspiring anecdote. Read More >
  • Doublelife by Harold & Gayle Berman is a unique non-fiction piece telling how two religiously diverse lives become one. The pages of Doublelife are full of sincerity and optimism as they tell the story that spans over three decades and various religious sects. Read More >

Inspirational & Short Stories


  • Looking for a very practical way to review the laws of Shabbos observance? Do You Know Hilchos SHABBOS? , is a perfect read for the entire family. It is written in question answer form, in order of each of the 39 melachos. Read More>
  • Confessions of a Jewish Cultbuster is a revised reprint from the 1985 edition with many additions. It starts off discussing cults with various episodes of how R' Hecht or his father helped people break-free and towards the end of the book, R' Hecht ties in intermarriage. Read More>


  • Awareness has helped me understand myself better, as well as family, friends and peers. Once I understood the person's type, I was able to figure out how to deal with them better, appreciate their good traits and tolerate the harder ones. Read More>
  • G-d winked is the perfect pick me up during trying times. It is also great for someone looking for some real life inspiration. Read More >
  • Rosie Einhorn and Sherry Zimmerman, two experts in their field, produced Dating Smart, which I must say is very smart. I highly recommend it for any and every person who is potentially dating, dating or has a child that is in either stage. Read More >