Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Forgive Me - A Family Drama Novel

Forgive Me is a story that of a family feud that spans a few generations. It has great detail in the character development. 

Judging the Book by its Cover -  a first glance review:

As the cover suggests, there is a geographical barrier preventing the forgiveness between the brothers.

This book is set in the US and Israel. The brothers therefore have different lifestyles which the reader gets to learn about.

Some Details I Liked:

I liked that the author speaks about the concept that personality is somewhat genetic, but each person has the ability to mature and act beyond their genetic predisposition.

Who This Book is For:

Forgive Me is a great choice for someone looking for a thick, sweet book.

Who This Book Isn’t For:  

This is not a major suspense novel, nor does it have any espionage. Just a family conflict.

What I Didn’t Like/Would Have Made it Better: 

It would have been nice to get more follow-up on some of the sub-plots, but overall the story has a nice ending.

In Conclusion:  

This is one of those books that you feel like you very much understand those characters that the author intends you to understand and are kept in wonder about the others, which gives the story a realistic and relatable edge, even if you can't relate to the events of the book.

I received this book for the purpose of reviewing it, but that it no way changed the way I read it and reviewed it.