Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rabbi Yoselman of Rosheim, an Oldie, but Goodie

R' Marcus Lehmann is famous for his historic books that are interesting to read and so educating at the same time. Rabbi Yoselman of Rosheim was a hero in his time and by doing so, he also saved the future of our nation. 

Judging the Book by its Cover -  a first glance review:

The cover seems to connote a fairy tale era. One of knights and royalty. That is when the story takes place, but as much as it was "happily ever after", there is quite a bit of horror in the book.

Some Details I Liked:

I liked how the book tries to be as historically accurate as possible. Obviously we can't imagine the exact conversations, but the author tries his best.

Who This Book is For:

I would suggest this book for young adults and adults that are interested in a lesser known time period in Jewish history. This book discusses how different groups of Christianity had an effect on Europe and its population. It also goes through how the Jews were regarded in various areas.

Who This Book Isn’t For:  

This book is not for younger children who don't understand things like blood libels and crusades. Its important to first know about these concepts and the general diaspora before reading this book.

What I Didn’t Like/Would Have Made it Better: 

Being that the book is so fact based, it sadly doesn't focus on Rabbi Yoselman's family and how he felt going on his missions. It does mention many times what the family is up to or how he was about to reunite with them, but you don't get to know much more than that.

In Conclusion:  

This is a great book to learn about one of the greatest askanim of yesteryear. It also teaches about trust in G-d and that in any situation, you never know who will be the messenger to bring about the salvation.