Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Let My RV Go!, a Special Passover Journey

Just in time for the Pesach season 2013, Mosaica Press released Let My RV Go!, by Nicole Nathan. In their words, "Let My RV Go is an honest, humorous and refreshing account of one woman’s search for meaning—even if it requires turning her life upside down and tearing out the kitchen sink."

Judging the Book by its Cover - a First Glance:
Truth be told, I wasn't sure what to make of this book when I first saw it, because I read it as a pdf and only saw the cover after. The cover shows the RV sitting on a map with fields in the background and a man dressed to swim, but wrapped in a tallis, prayer shawl and that is pretty much what the book is about. The RV travels the map, while the people that go along with it experience their own spiritual journey.
It is marked as a novel, but can easily be mistaken for a memoir of sorts. The book starts with a bit of a ramble, but then moves on to give a proper background and flows into a great, fun tale.

Some Details I Liked:
Like the other Mosaica books, Let My RV Go, is a smooth read. The cover, title and story line comes together well. The layout and fonts are clear and pleasing to the eye.
I liked that it was a novel with a clear lesson, but it wasn't heavy at all. It kept my attention and interest until the end.
Who This Book is For:
I would say that the book is perfect for younger women who are either on their way Baalei Teshuva, already BT or are involved in the BT world.
LMRG has a glossary and also explains most of the "Jewish" words as they appear. That allows for a greater secular audience. It also references various parts of the Jewish American culture, ie the Bubby and her cooking, which is easy to relate to.
Who This Book Isn’t For:
I felt that the reference to movie characters and characters watching movies gave the book a non-yeshivish tone that Baalei Teshuva or more Modern Orthodox person might specifically enjoy and very much appreciate that comfort level.
What I Didn’t Like/Would Have Made it Better: 
I have this problem with many books - I wish they had another chapter or two. This story ended nicely and has a very well constructed conclusion. It is just that the story's destination is Pesach in the RV and it kind of makes the reader want to learn about the actual Passover experience, not just the journey. That, of course, gives way for the author to write a sequel. :)
In Conclusion:
I enjoyed reading the book with its variety and light style.
Let My RV Go! is a novel that is an easy, upbeat read. I would definitely be interested in reading more from Nicole Nathan, the author.