Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dual Discovery, an Historical Fiction of Mitzrayim Life

Dual Discovery is a historical drama, meaning that it is a really good novel. It takes you back to Egypt of Biblical times. This is a well written story that makes the story of the 10 Plagues easy to relate to.

Judging the Book by its Cover -  a first glance review:

I really like this cover. It features a clear title, with a light drawing background that is slightly dramatic and mysterious.

Some Details I Liked:

This is a classic read, meaning that it will still be interesting in the future. It is written so that you feel like you are in the past.

Who This Book is For:

I found Dual Discovery to be entertaining and educating at the same time. I would recommend it for any age for both purposes.

Who This Book Isn’t For:  

There isn't enough information to prepare a lesson or to depend on to fully understand that period of time. 

What I Didn’t Like/Would Have Made it Better: 

Where is book #2?

In Conclusion:  

This a book that I would read once a year for Pesach and again for when it is relevant to the Parsha. It is great for kids and adults alike.