Thursday, February 7, 2013

Preface - Welcome!

I still have my first library card. I got it when I was able to write my name. Since then, I have borrowed piles and piles of books from libraries across the US. 
Throughout my growing years, books have been my bestest friends. On the first day of 2nd grade, my teacher even let me and another girl sit in the corner and read together, so that we would become each other's friends. 
I am also a super fast reader. In 4th grade, my classmate didn't believe that I had read so much of the class book, he tested me on specific details and was shocked when I was able to recall all of them. It was around then that my need to read was hard to satiate. 
By the time I reached junior high, I realized that I had to be more selective of my readings. Even though the author may have written one recommended book, the rest of his/her works might not be appropriate. So, at that point, I decided to stick to Jewish publishers. 
Now that I am married and living in Israel, books are more of a treat than ever. And I only want to spend my precious read time on quality books that will give me joy. Which brings me to this blog. I'll review the book and then you will know if it is worth your time to read it too.

Happy Reading!